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Jari Spry ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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My Story

My Scentsy story began 15 years ago when I met my sweet friend and sponsor at her Scentsy kick off bbq. I ordered a couple warmers and a few bars of wax. A few weeks later, my sister and small niece came to visit. My sweet niece spilled the Scentsy wax all the way down her arm and there was NO BURN! I knew then that this was something special I has to purchase for my little family but I also had to share.... So I joined.

When I first joined, my goal was to get out of my comfort zone in our new town and meet new people. I was crazy about the products and wanted to share them with everyone I knew. Now that hasn't changed... but my goal has grown.

In May 2015, our fourth child and first son, Anchor Joel was born 3 1/2 months premature. Because of Scentsy, I never missed a single NICU care time. I didn't have to juggle my work and my family. Our son and family came first. That's what I love about what I do. We spent 84 days driving back and forth to be with our little guy before he was able to come home and then spent the next 9 months in quarantine to help build his respiratory and immune system. Isolation was hard.... but even though I didn't see very many people during that whole year, our Scentsy business GREW! That's the beautiful thing about what we do! You can work this business any way you choose... any way that works for your current season of life. We offer home parties, parties on the go, Facebook or online parties, open houses; whichever works best for you!

During our current life season, I offer mostly parties on the go, Facebook and online parties and fundraisers.  We have 4 kiddos ranging in ages 20 to 8 and our calendar fills up quickly with sports and school activities. It's a crazy, beautiful life and I'm so grateful that we have Scentsy as the perfect fit.

My dream is to see thousands of people have the same freedom as I experience. I'm 100% invested in helping others see their highest potential. I raise businesses and babies... it's my passion to lead others. We currently have a group of over 1200 independent consultants.


We've been able to watch so many women and men change their financial situations by building strong businesses, and our passion is helping other people do the same. Whether you want to pay a car payment, get out of debt, take your kids on vacation, or just save for the future, you can do that with Scentsy.


We would love to have you as a part of our team (The Band of Arrows). Wondering what Scentsy would look like in your life? Just click on the Join button to discover what Scentsy could do for you.


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In short, 15 years + 19 FREE trips + 100s of friends + 1000s of lives changed = a happy girl sharing a product she is crazy about while building relationships with people she loves and building her family's dream home and hobby homestead out on the prairie.


Jari Spry

Scentsy Super Star Director

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